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A Letter From The CEO

Dear Reader,

First, let me say thank you for visiting our website.  I truly believe that there is strength in numbers.  I also believe that there is an abundance of talent right here in Buffalo, NY.  As talented as I know I am, I cannot do everything myself and I understand the importance of surrounding myself with other talented people who can do the things that I cannot.  Or even the things I can but just better.  Having said that, I am looking for partners in creativity, if you will.

We want to build a team of highly motivated, self starting, hard working, talented and creative collaborators. A team of people who understand the value of collaboration.  Honest, humble enough to share the spot light with below collaborators and the faith to embark on this journey with us wholeheartedly.

Maybe you write, act, are into fashion or makeup.  Maybe you are into casting, filming, sound or you want to direct or produce.  None of us can do this all alone.  However, together we can do amazing things.  Especially if you are an entrepreneur, let's see what our companies can accomplish together!

Let's put our talents and skill sets on the table.  So we can build something that we can pas to the next generation of Buffalo creators.   Let's stop waiting for the film industry to come to Buffalo and build our own from the ground up.  Right here, right now!  

I hope if you are someone like who I described, that you will reach out using the contact information or the form below.  Let's discuss how we can collaborate and make something mazing to benefit all of us.

My Expressed Entertainment family and I look forward to meeting you.

Many Blessings,


Johnette "JA" Warren-Askew

Owner/ CEO Expressed Entertainment LLC



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