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The Expressed Entertainment  team to help you express you!

Marvin R. Askew II



Johnette "JA" Warren-Askew is the founder, owner and CEO of Expressed Entertainment.   Besides being the business mind and visionary of the team, she is also a writer, indie film director and producer.  She is the organizing and driving force behind EXE and it's projects.   

She graduated from Full Sail University for Media Communications.  However, her heart is in writing.  She writes a great deal of poetry and is a spoken word poet.  Her spoken word album "Simple Complexity: Spoken Word to Music" is available on Apple Music.   JA wrote a book with her then fourteen year old daughter, Joy, called "Princess Joy".  It's currently available on Amazon.  She has penned several scripts. One of which won two awards at the Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival.  The Glass Floor won both the audience award and JA would win "Most Promising New Filmmaker".  It was just their first feature length film.

JA, like Expressed Entertainment, has evolved.  Starting out as a singer-song writer, moving into engineering and producing music and finally evolving into video and movie production when she partnered with her then friend, now husband Marvin R. Askew. 

Lupus Warrior and Kidney Transplant Recipient, she has fought for years to pursue her vision despite end stage renal dialysis and being on dialysis for eight years.  She credits God and the love and support of her family, especially Marvin, for carrying he through.  Having faced death on several occasions, JA feels it's only strengthened her writing and allowed her to connect to people through her writing she probably would not have been able to, if it were not for the struggle.

JA's motto is "Does a thought even matter if it is never expressed to be reckoned with?"  The answer of course is no.  Which is why she built her studio and why she and her husband built the EXE Jr. Youth Program.   "Art, no matter the form, is self expression.   So let's create." -JA

Marvin R. Askew II is co-owner and President  of Expressed Entertainment.  He is the head digital cinematographer with an amazing eye.  Dedicated to his craft, he used his G.I. Bill to go back to school to get his Bachelors of Science in Digital Cinematography from Full Sail University. Adding to his associates degree in computer engineering and would later add another Associates Degree in Criminal Justice while still serving as a Security Forces officer in the United States AirForce.   

He has been responsible for the look and feel of EXE's video production.   Creating high quality 4K content for both client projects and Expressed Entertainment Films.

Marvin also, has co-produced the award winning film "The Glass Floor" and several other short films.     He has also taken pride in sharing the knowledge that he has obtained over the years by instructing in the EXE Jr. Program as well as doing online tutorials. 

He brought his first camera with his money from his tour of duty in Iraq.   His first video would be a commercial for his, then friend, JA's business, Expressed Entertainment.  He would go on to continue to make videos with her and eventually join the company as co-owner and  make JA his wife.

JA credits him with keeping the studio alive when she became severely ill for a very long stretch of time. Not only keeping the studio together but being her rock and taking care of their daughter.  

He is the other half that was needed to make the companies foundation whole.


Johnette "JA" Warren-Askew

Allen Maxwell II



Allen Maxwell II is an old friend of Expressed Entertainment. Dating way back to his early teenage years as a Hip Hop Artist with JA as his manager for a short period of time.  After losing touch for close to two decades, he has rejoined the Expressed Entertainment as Owner and CEO of Green Stamp Imaging. 


He began his journey with Green Stamp Imaging in 2016 after his wife, Alohndra Maxwell, bought him his first point and shoot camera for Christmas.  He jokingly says we can blame her. He would then take that camera and develop his content creation skills by soaking up every bit of information he could find.  From books, online tutorials, to learning from others that he knew had the skill set that he was looking to perfect. 


In 2020, he purchased his first mirrorless camera, the Cannon M50.  That’s when the flame or desire to make content for Youtube, music videos, short and feature length films was sparked.  He began to film everything.  Every project he could get his hands on.  And so, his camera became an extension of himself.  Creating a constant flow of projects to improve and test his capabilities. 


Realizing that his style of filming is more cinematic, Allen decided to focus on being a cinematographer.   He has professionally done music videos, promotional videos, short films, silent films, plays and weddings. 


He goes above and beyond for each project, even traveling to give each piece the oxygen to be uniquely its own.  Allen has also invested greatly in his arsenal of equipment, so he is always prepared to film amazing footage.  It is his deep desire to not just be another guy with a camera but the creator of content that connects on a different level with it’s viewer.  And now that he has joined forces with Expressed Entertainment, again, bringing everyone’s collective talent, know-how and energy to the table, he is confident that his content will be on a screen near you, very soon. 


Green Stamp Imaging… “Without the stamp, it’s not approved.”

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