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Official 48hr Film Project Film

We had the privilege of participating in the Buffalo 48 Hour Film Project, an intense and exhilarating challenge for filmmakers. In just 48 hours, our team at Expressed Entertainment LLC wrote, shot, and edited a dynamic and engaging short film that was well received by the audience at the premier. We are honored to have worked with our incredible cast and crew on this fantastic project and look forward to sharing it with everyone as we await the results of the competition/. Stay tuned for the results.

Madison’s six-year-old son, CJ was stolen from her.  Now ten years later, she is trying to make a fresh start.  However, when she sees a young man who reminds her of CJ, she becomes obsessed and determined once again to get her son back.  The only thing standing in her way is the young man’s mom, Brenda.  Brenda is also determined to protect her son, Brian, from this stalker.  Things are pushed to a breaking point because everyone can only see from their line of sight, including Detective Sydney Winters.  Sydney is trying to do what’s right and protect a friend.  All roads lead to one conclusion, or do they? Is the end the end or just the beginning?

Producer: Marvin R. Askew II    Director:  Johnette L. WarrenAskew 
Asst. Director: Annette Daniels Taylor    Director of Photography: Marvin R. Askew II
Created by: Johnette L. Warren-Askew
Written by: Johnette Warren-Askew - Ben Brindise - Craig Douglass - Jonathan Douglass - Spencer Burgess -

Carine Merritt - Annette Daniels Taylor - Dacia Dunnigan

Edited by: Marvin R. Askew II - Allen Maxwell II    Graphics by: Julez Whitaz   Music by: Alohndra Maxwell


Janae Leonard as Madison Bright - Shanntina Moore as Brenda Weatherbee

Jonathan Douglass as Brian Weatherbee & Christopher David CJ - Carine Merritt as Detective Sydney Rivers


Cast: (In order of appearance)
Reporter 1(voice): Dacia Dunnigan
Jacob Weatherbee: Raynardo Shedrick
Brian’s friend: Zaneta Taylor
Pastor: Pastor Amos Goodwine
Madison’s friend/Church member 1: Sydney Johnson
Church Shhh-sher: Dayatra Hassan
Church Member 2: Ms. Sherita Ingram
Church Member 3: Zaneta Taylor
Church Member 4:Brandon Williamson
Church Member 5: James McLeod
Reporter 2: Dayatra Hassan
Neighbor: David Pendley
Voice of Kim (CJ’s Kidnapper): Davida Tolbert



Meela Moore - Craig Douglas - Mrs. Lawanda Goodwine - Shawnell Tillery - Kalaya Griffin - Kyler Barney

1st Assistant Camera: Allen Maxwell II  - Sound/Boom operator: Edo Langston  - 2nd Boom Operator: Kalaya Griffin
Slate: Xavier Powell - Production Assistant: Tyler Dread - Production Assistant: Stanley Mack

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